MESA, AZ Weekly Online/Live Public Powersport Auction 3/3/18 ID:9021 (8)

All items closed

ATTENTION: Some bidders may experience issues with bidding in this auction due to a error with your credit card on file. Due to recent changes in our merchant card services you will have to delete and re add your credit card in order to bid successfully. For any questions please feel free to contact us at (602) 412-3617.
UPDATE 9/28/17 IMPORTANT: We have recently updated some of our terms regarding placing your first bid in our vehicle auctions. A $300.00 credit card authorization will now be processed when submitting your first bid at this auction. The $300.00 is simply a pending hold on your card and is held by the credit card company for varying lengths but typically 24-72 hours. This $300.00 authorization is not actually charged to your card. If you are the winning bidder, we will capture the $300.00 authorization which is non refundable along with a 5% Card fee and apply it to your invoice. If you do not win any items in the auction, the hold will drop off within 3-4 business days. Also there will be a $ 175 Transaction Fee for each lot.
If you have any questions regarding this auction please call us at (602) 412-3617 or send an email to