MESA, AZ Weekly Online/Live Public Auto Auction 9/26/19 ID: 20671 (98)

All items closed

ATTENTION: This Auction is being held in conjunction with The Auction Yard LLC. The Auction Yard LLC is a Public Consignment Auction Dealer and is exempt from Emissions testing under A.R.S 49-542(D) and The Implied warranty of Merchantability disclosure/disclaimer under A.R.S 28-4412 and 44-1267. The Auction Yard LLC makes no representations of any vehicle. Our inspection reports are not certified. We provide them only as a courtesy. You are still responsible to preview the vehicles you bid on. Do not go off our inspection reports alone.  For any questions please feel free to contact us at (602) 412-3617.

Please note: A $300.00 credit card authorization will now be held when submitting your first bid at this auction. If you are the winning bidder, this is a nonrefundable charge along with a 5% Card fee that will be applied to your invoice. If you do not win any items in this auction, the hold will be released from The Auction Yard. Some banks may take 3-4 business days to return the funds to your account.  Also, there will be a $ 175 Transaction Fee for each lot.

If you have any questions regarding this auction please call us at (602) 412-3617 or send an email to
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